Trainer : Amina
Experience : +10 years
About Amina
Amina has always had a huge passion for fitness and health. Her background consists of being a national track & field athlete, a 2x Boston marathon qualifier, personal trainer as well as a group instructor. She has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Gaining more knowledge throughout her own trainings and preparations for fitness shows. Amina is here to help you not only attain your dream body but to also help build confidence within yourself.
Trainer : Jesse
Experience : +10 years
About Jesse
• C.O.R.E.F.I.T Certified Personal Trainer
• BSc in Biochemistry
• Contest prep coach and transformation specialist
• 1st in Men's Bantam Weight Bodybuilding 2013
• 4th in QC Open Bantam Weight Bodybuilding 2015
• 1st in QC Open Bantam Weight Bodybuilding 2017
Trainer : Angie
Experience : +1 year
About Angie
• Certified Personal Trainer since 2019
• B.Sc. Nursing – Université de Montréal 2018
• OIIQ Registered Nurse Clinician
• ExpertRating Certified Personal Trainer
• Ex dragon boat competitor
• Specializing in weight loss or weight gain
• Specializing in 1-on-1 or group training
Trainer : Luca
Experience : +2 year
About Luca
Luca Santalucia is a personal trainer and physique competitor. He is always searching for new ways to adapt whether it’s through nutrition or training. Luca believe in customizing programs specific to every individual to ensure constant progression.
Trainer : Kasia
Experience : +15 years
About Kasia
• Personalized Programs
• One on One Training
• Group Training
• Nutritional Plans
• Body Assessment
• Corrective Conditioning
Trainer : Zack
Experience : +1 years
About Zack
• Certified personal trainer since 2019
• Canfit pro certified
• Specializing in customized training plans
• Specializing in customized nutrition plans
• Specializing in muscle gain or fat loss
• IDFA men’s physique competition 2019
Trainer : Shanna
Experience : +6 years
About Shanna
• Certified Personal Trainer and Student Athletic Therapist
• B.Sc. Athletic Therapy - (2021)
• Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology
• Canadian Athletic Therapy Association Member
• 2018 Tough Mudder finisher
• Training and functional workout plans
• Posture assessment and Joint mobilization • Injury assessment and rehabilitation
• Massage: deep tissue, fascial release, trigger points
Trainer : Rudy
Experience : +8 years
About Rudy
Rudy leger is a trainer with over 8 years of experience in the field, who has worked with clients of all kinds. This includes trained and non-trained individuals, as well as disabled clients and athletes. He has even helped an autistic athlete by the name of Andrew Perez make it to the Special Olympics, where he won gold in his respective sport of swimming.
Wide Range Of Knowledge
Rudy is currently doing his bachelor’s degree in athletic therapy at Concordia University, where he seeks to further his knowledge in the realm of exercise science to be better equipped to train his clients. He also has a vast understanding of nutrition and has worked with many of his clients to help them improve their eating habits by providing them with dietary guidelines. Rudy is also working at Popeye’s supplements which has given him a greater understanding of how to help improve his client's results with a well thought-out and structured supplement regime that goes hand in hand with his client’s diets.
Trainer : Serena
Experience : +4 years
About Serena
• Certified Personal Trainer YMCA
• National Volleyball Champion
• Women Strength Training Specialist
• Psychology Student
• Holistic Nutrition