Our weight training floor includes a variety of cardiovascular machines, weight machines, cable machines and free weights. We also have an aerobic room in which we hold a boxing area. In addition, we offer a wide diversity of classes, 7 days a week, which included Zumba, Yoga, HIIT, Glute-focused circuit training, spinning and more. Prestige Fitness has a team of personal trainers who provide transformation packages and 1-on-1 sessions at our gym.

What We Offer

Our spacious and renovated locker rooms have free shower and saunas in which our members can enjoy after an intense workout. We also offer a variety of healthy foods, snacks, shales and Popeye’s supplement which can be found at our Shake Bar.


    • Cardio
    • DBs up to 150
    • Machines
    • Classes, 7 days / week
    • 1 on 1 Personal Training
    • Renting Aerobics Room
    • Aerobics room with heavy bag
    • Locker Rooms
    • Showers and Saunas
    • Program and Nutrition Packages
    • Shake Bar
    • Nurtition Bar
    • Popeye's Supplemets

Prestige Fitness

7721 Boulevard Newman
Montreal, QC H8N 1X7

Mon - Fri : 5am - 12am
Sat - Sun : 7am - 9pm